Download and manage order assets using the API.


Assets are data from completed tasking and catalog orders that you can download. Assets from storage can be used as input imagery for processing.

Find assets

The following order statuses mean you can download assets from storage:

  • BEING_FULFILLED: some order assets might have been delivered.
  • FULFILLED: all order assets have been delivered.

To get a list of assets with their IDs, call the Get assets endpoint. There are different query parameters you can specify for your search. For example:

TaskEndpoint with query parameters
Get all assets from a specific order
Get all assets with the “optical” tag
Get all CNAM-compatible assets from your storage

Download assets

To download these assets one by one, call the Download an asset endpoint with the chosen asset ID as the path parameter. If the request is successful, the response will be the requested asset.

You can also generate a pre-signed URL to download an asset without authentication. Call the Create a download URL endpoint with the asset ID as the path parameter. The generated URL is valid for 5 minutes and can be shared. It will have the following format:


  "url": "<...>"


Manage assets

To check a single asset’s metadata, call the Get asset metadata endpoint with the chosen asset ID as the path parameter.

To update the title or tags of a storage asset, call the Update asset metadata endpoint with the asset ID as the path parameter and the new values in the request body, for example:


  "title": "SPOT 6/7 NY Central Park",
  "tags": ["optical", "berlin"]