Stay informed about the latest updates and improvements to our API.

February 6, 2024

Some of the v1 analytics endpoints are decommissioned:

  • Projects

    • PUT /projects/{project_id}/settings
  • Workflows

    • POST /projects/{project_id}/workflows
    • DELETE /projects/{project_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}
    • POST /projects/{project_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}/tasks
  • Jobs

    • POST /projects/{project_id}/estimate/job
    • POST /estimate/job
    • POST /projects/{project_id}/jobs/validate
    • POST /projects/{project_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}/jobs/{job_id}
    • PUT /projects/{project_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}/jobs/{job_id}
    • POST /projects/{project_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}/jobs
    • POST /projects/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}/cancel
  • Blocks

    • POST /validate-schema/block

January 25, 2024

A new advanced processing endpoint is supported:

  • POST /v2/processing/processes/{process-id}/cost
    Use it to determine the cost before creating a processing job.

December 6, 2023

New order, tasking, and geometry endpoints are supported:

  • Orders

    • POST /v2/orders
      Use it to create a new tasking or catalog order.
    • POST /v2/orders/estimate
      Use it to get a cost estimation before creating a tasking or a catalog order.
  • Tasking

    • GET /v2/coverage/orders/{order-id}
      Use it to get coverage information for a tasking order.
  • Geometries

    • GET /v2/spatial/geometries
      Use it to get a list of geometries saved in the library.
    • POST /v2/spatial/geometries
      Use it to add a new geometry to the library.
    • GET /v2/spatial/geometries/{geometry-id}
      Use it to get information about a specific geometry saved in the library.
    • PATCH /v2/spatial/geometries/{geometry-id}
      Use it to update an existing geometry saved in the library.

December 5, 2023

Product configuration endpoints and v1 asset endpoints are decommissioned:

  • Product configurations

    • GET /product-configurations
    • GET /product-configurations/{product_configuration_id}
  • Assets

    • GET /workspaces/{workspace_id}/assets
    • GET /workspaces/{workspace_id}/assets/{asset_id}
    • GET /workspaces/{workspace_id}/assets/{asset_id}/downloadUrl

December 4, 2023

The v1 order creation endpoint and catalog estimation endpoint are deprecated:

  • POST /workspaces/{workspace_id}/orders/estimate
  • POST /workspaces/{workspace_id}/orders