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Use the UP42 platform to order and process geospatial data.

Tasking order tracking on the console


Tasking is what happens when you request a satellite or an aircraft to capture your designated area of interest. Commercial capturing systems cover the majority of the world’s lands and oceans.

Seeking up-to-date imagery? Tasking is what you are looking for.


UP42 catalog provides access to archive imagery that has been captured in the past. Archive images are available for immediate purchase. Both paid and free collections are integrated into the catalog.

Want to get archive data? Head over to the catalog to check it out.

Catalog ordering on the console

Processing on the console


Processing allows you to generate insights from the ordered geospatial imagery. UP42 is bringing leading providers to the platform, ensuring your access to the most advanced enhancement and analytics algorithms available.

Need insights from your data? Explore processing capabilities.

Data management

Data management is storage powered by STAC functionalities and the cloud-native asset model (CNAM). You can preview multispectral data and download individual features — for example, specific bands.

Looking to manage your geospatial data? Navigate to the data management.

Data management on the console


UP42 console provides a graphical interface for ordering and processing geospatial data, and account management.

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UP42 API enables you to integrate functionalities for ordering, retrieving, and processing geospatial data into your applications.

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UP42 Python SDK allows you to access the API directly and to build workflows within your software solutions.

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ArcGIS Pro

UP42 supports an add-in for ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro to let you order and access geospatial data within ArcGIS Pro.

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