Catalog limitations

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Optical satellite imagery

CollectionInputCoverageAvailabilityAOI sizeScene size
Beijing-3AAOIGlobalFrom 2012From 25 km2AOI-clipped imagery
PléiadesAOIGlobalFrom 2012< 10 min: from 0.1 km2
< 24 hours: from 1 km2
Non-integrated: from 25 km2
AOI-clipped imagery
Pléiades NeoAOIGlobalFrom 2021< 10 min: from 0.1 km2
< 24 hours: from 25 km2
Non-integrated: from 25 km2
AOI-clipped imagery
Sentinel-2AOIGlobalEurope — from 2017
Globally — from 2018
110×110 km
SPOTAOIGlobalFrom 2012< 10 min: from 0.1 km2
< 24 hours: from 1 km2
Non-integrated: from 100 km2
AOI-clipped imagery
TripleSatAOIGlobalFrom 2016From 25 km2 to 100,000 km2AOI-clipped imagery

SAR satellite imagery

CollectionInputCoverageAvailabilityScene size
Capella SpaceAOIGlobalFrom 2020Spotlight: 5×5 km
Sliding Spotlight: from 5×10 km to 5×50 km
Stripmap: from 5×20 km to 5×200 km

Optical aerial imagery

CollectionInputCoverageAvailabilityAOI sizeScene size
North America
Acquisition date range:*
AOI-clipped imagery
Near Space LabsAOIUSAFrom 20191.4×1 km
Vexcel AerialAOISee mapsAcquisition date range:*
Up to 50 km2AOI-clipped imagery

Digital elevation models

CollectionInputCoverageAvailabilityAOI sizeMinimum widthScene size
NEXTMapAOISee mapsAcquisition date range:*
Up to 250 km2AOI-clipped imagery
Vexcel ElevateAOISee mapsAcquisition date range:*
From 1 km2 to 50 km2500 mAOI-clipped imagery
WorldDEM Neo DSMAOIGlobalAcquisition date range:*
From 1 km21 kmAOI-clipped imagery


What are acquisition date ranges?

Scenes from certain collections have an acquisition date range instead of a specific date. This means that the data for the collection was acquired between the start and end years of the date range. The data changes over time. When newer data is processed, scenes from previous years are replaced with new ones. For a given AOI, you always get the latest processed data available.