WorldDEM Neo

A high resolution digital surface model with 5 m pixel spacing and global geographic coverage.


WorldDEM Neo is a satellite-based digital surface model (DSM) with worldwide availability. DSM represents the surface of the Earth with man-made objects and vegetation. The collection is a processed result of TanDEM-X satellite imagery data acquired between 2017 and 2021.

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An elevation model of Jinzhong (China)
An elevation model of Jinzhong (China)

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionHigh resolution (5 m)
Data product typeDSM
Vertical accuracyAbsolute: 2.5 m LE90
Relative: 2/4 m
Horizontal accuracyAbsolute: 6 m CE90
Relative: 4 m
File formatGeoTIFF
Bit depth per pixel32-bit
Coordinate systemHorizontal reference datum: WGS84
Vertical reference datum: EGM2008


Minimum order priceAOIs smaller than 1 km2 will be charged for 1 km2
Minimum corridor width1 km

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