Order tasking data

Create orders to get new geospatial data.


Request a satellite or an aircraft to capture your designated area with certain criteria, such as processing levels and data specifications.

Step 1. Get access

Step 2. Create an order

Step 3. Review feasibility

Step 4. Activate your order

Step 5. Monitor orders

Step 6. Download assets

Step 1. Get access

  1. Select a collection

    To review the specifications of tasking collections, see Tasking collections.

  2. Request access

    If you want to order the chosen collections for the first time, you need to request access to the collection. An email from the Customer Success team usually takes up to 3 days. You can review your access request status on the Access requests page.

    After you have access, you won’t need to request access again.

  3. Accept EULAs

    If you want to order the chosen collections for the first time, you need to accept their end-user license agreement (EULA). If a EULA is updated, you need to re-accept it before creating your next order.

Step 2. Create an order

  1. Select tasking collections

    1. Open the console, go to Tasking inline-icon Tasking, and click Create tasking order.
    2. Select the tasking collections you want to order and click Continue with this selection.
  2. Define geometries

    1. Check limitations for tasking collections and the types of geometry the selected collections accept as input.
    2. Check that your geometries are valid for a tasking order.
    3. Add geometries.
    4. Choose a collection you want to proceed with and click Configure this collection.
    5. Review the price estimation and click Continue.
  3. Configure your order

    1. Find out how order parameters affect the timeframe of your tasking order and set up the necessary parameters.
    2. Review the updated price estimation, which has been adjusted according to your order configuration.
    3. Click Review order.
  4. Review your order

    1. Review collection information.
    2. Review selected geometries. If you have defined multiple geometries, each geometry will result in a separate order. Order names will be suffixed with incrementing numbers: Order 1, Order 2, etc. If you need to change geometries before submitting the request, click Back to Add geometry.
    3. Review order configuration. If you need to change details before submitting the request, click Back to Configure order.
    4. Click Submit order request. You will not be charged at this step.

Step 3. Review feasibility

After an order is placed, the Operations team will conduct a feasibility study. They will evaluate the tasking parameters with the provider, and then will present the following assessments:

  • The order is possible with the given parameters.
  • The order requires modifications with suitable options proposed.

You will receive an email notifying you when your order feasibility has been assessed. To proceed, follow these steps:

  1. Open the console and go to Tasking inline-icon Tasking.
  2. Select your order and click Feasibility.
  3. Choose a suitable option. If none of the options are suitable, contact the Operations team.
  4. Click Confirm chosen option. You can’t modify your order after accepting an option.

Step 4. Activate your order

Once you accept the tasking quotation, the credits for that order will be deducted. The transaction can’t be reversed.

After accepting a feasibility study option, you will receive a price quote for your order. To review a price quote and activate your order, follow these steps:

  1. Open the console and go to Tasking inline-icon Tasking.
  2. Select your order and click Price.
  3. If you are an admin, you can accept or reject this price. If you accept, the amount will be deducted from your credit balance and tasking operations will start.

Step 5. Monitor orders

Monitor the status and the readiness of your order.

Step 6. Download assets

The following statuses mean you can download assets from storage:

  • In progress: some order assets might have been delivered.
  • Completed: all order assets have been delivered.

Download delivered assets.


Multiple people need to be alerted about an order. How can I set this up?

If you want to receive notifications about a tasking order created by another user, subscribe to their workspace notifications. Otherwise, only the user who owns the workspace will receive notifications for the created order.