High resolution digital elevation models at 1, 6, and 10 meter resolutions from Intermap.


The NEXTMap elevation models are global 3D terrain datasets provided by Intermap.

The available elevation models are as follows:

  • Digital surface model (DSM) — a representation of the surface of the Earth with man-made objects and vegetation.

  • Digital terrain model (DTM) — a representation of the bare Earth elevation without vegetation and man-made objects.

You can also get a bundle of both DSM and DTM.

This collection provides catalog data. See more on the marketplace.

This is a restricted collection. To use this collection, request access.


Product information

Geographic coverage

There are regional restrictions that limit the coverage.


Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap One DSM

Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap 6 DSM

Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap 10 DSM


Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap One DTM

Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap 6 DTM

Click to see the coverage map for NEXTMap 10 DTM

Location of interest type

This collection accepts AOIs. You will get imagery clipped to the defined AOI.

General specifications

Data product typeDSM
Bundle (DSM + DTM)
Delivery formatGeoTIFF
Bit depth per pixel32-bit
Coordinate reference systemEPSG:4326

Acquisiton date range

The collection is a processed result of data acquired between 2020 and 2022.

The data changes over time. When newer data is processed, scenes from previous years are replaced with new ones. For a given AOI, you always get the latest processed data available.

Data product specifications

Spatial resolution
Vertical accuracy
(m LE90)
Horizontal accuracy
(m CE90)
NEXTMap One115*
NEXTMap 661.63.5 (DSM)
5 (DTM)
NEXTMap 10108.417.5
* For Western Europe, USA and Southeast Asia, NEXTMap One DSM can be provided at a horizontal accuracy of 3.5 m CE90.


AOI sizeUp to 250 km2

UP42 data products

If using the API, set the datetime search range to include 2020-01-01T00:00:00Z, for example:

"datetime": "2019-01-01T00:00:00.000Z/2022-12-31T00:00:00.000Z"

Product configuration titleData product IDCollection nameSpatial resolutionElevation model type
Intermap228eb747-2b8b-4f56-8ade-2efd844d3792nextmapone-dsm1 mDSM
Intermap93f2014d-b34e-411a-9688-33e084190b68nextmap6-dsm6 mDSM
Intermap5a484ba9-b2b9-4385-a066-0f6d28f6ad8fnextmap10-dsm10 mDSM
Intermapda146ac4-7000-4d59-b488-3633f11b6cb8nextmapone-dtm1 mDTM
Intermap337c01f4-d71a-4f2f-8aee-d21431565893nextmap6-dtm6 mDTM
Intermap5908c45d-dd41-4fd2-b38f-759f23d25ebfnextmap10-dtm10 mDTM
Intermap776cadc2-ccb7-4ca4-8077-fc679bf8376anextmapone-bundle1 mBundle (DSM and DTM)
Intermapca213436-c8cf-42a9-a4a2-04eb2fa7c9d6nextmap6-bundle6 mBundle (DSM and DTM)
Intermap0253307a-0377-4cd4-bd1c-93ec06ba7f4anextmap10-bundle10 mBundle (DSM and DTM)