Pléiades Neo

Very high resolution 30 cm optical imagery acquired bidaily on a global basis.


Pléiades Neo images are acquired by four very high resolution optical satellites (Pléiades Neo 3, 4, 5 and 6) on a twice daily basis anywhere on the globe. Catalog datasets are available starting from November 2021. You can task Pléiades Neo to get fresh data for real-time monitoring.

This collection provides catalog and tasking data. See more on the marketplace.

Pléiades Neo image
Pléiades Neo image

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionPansharpened: very high resolution (0.3 m)
Panchromatic: very high resolution (0.3 m)
Multispectral: very high resolution (1.2 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeMono
Geometric processing levelPrimary
Radiometric processing levelBasic
File formatDIMAP-GeoTIFF
DIMAP-Optimized JPEG 2000
DIMAP-Regular JPEG 2000
Revisit frequencyBidaily (for the constellation)
Catalog data availabilityFrom 2021
Incidence angleUp to 52°
Spectral bandsPanchromatic 450–800 nm

Deep blue 400–450 nm
Blue (B) 450–520 nm
Green (G) 530–590 nm
Red (R) 620–690 nm
Red edge 700–750 nm
Near-infrared (NIR) 770–880 nm
Spectral combinationPanchromatic products:
  • Panchromatic 1-band
Multispectral products:
  • Multispectral 4-band (RGB + NIR)
  • Multispectral 6-band (Deep blue + RGB + Red edge + NIR)
Bundle products:
  • Bundle: Panchromatic + Multispectral 4-band
  • Full Bundle: Panchromatic + Multispectral 6-band
Pansharpened products:
  • Pansharpened 3-band natural colour (RGB)
  • Pansharpened 3-band false colour (R + G + NIR)
  • Pansharpened 4-band (RGB + NIR)
  • Pansharpened 6-band (Deep blue + RGB + Red edge + NIR)
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Coordinate reference systemTasking: EPSG:4326 (WGS84)
Catalog: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)


Tasking limitations

Minimum order size100 km2
Minimum width> 5 km in any direction

Catalog limitations

Delivery time < 10 minDelivery time < 24 hours
Minimum order size0.1 km225 km2
Minimum widthNot applicable> 500 m in any direction

UP42 data products

Tasking data products

Data productIDNameSpectral processingGeometric processing levelFile formatBit depth per pixelRadiometric processing level
Display469f9b2f-1631-4c09-b66d-575abd41dc8fpneo-taskingPansharpened 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF8bitDisplay
Analytic123eabab-0511-4f36-883a-80928716c3dbpneo-taskingBundle: Panchromatic + Multispectral 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF16bitReflectance

Catalog data products

Data productIDNameSpectral processingGeometric processing levelFile formatBit depth per pixelRadiometric processing levelAcquisition mode
Display17745de8-6e7d-4751-99cd-3f8e9e9d290epneoPansharpened 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF8bitDisplayMono
Analytic6f722fb5-0323-4c97-9b1e-22870325b8dbpneoBundle: Panchromatic + Multispectral 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF16bitReflectanceMono