High resolution 0.80 m imagery acquired multiple times a day in a variety of conditions.


BlackSky's constellation consists of 14 satellites launched into a mid-inclination orbit that provide a high revisit rate, responsive last-minute tasking, and timely collect-to-data-delivery latency timeframes.

This collection provides tasking data. See more on the marketplace.

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A BlackSky image of New York (USA)
A BlackSky image of New York (USA)

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Location of interest type

This collection accepts POIs. You will get a full scene centered on the defined POI.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionHigh resolution (from 0.83 m to 1.30 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeStandard
Area Coverage
Data product typeThe product bundle includes the following products:
  • Orthorectified GeoTIFF
  • Orthorectified NITF
  • Non-orthorectified GeoTIFF
  • Non-orthorectified NITF
Delivery formatGeoTIFF
Scene sizeFrom 26 km2 to 33 km2
Incidence angleUp to 30° (off-nadir)
Revisit frequency6.7 revisits per day (at 40° latitude)
2.4 revisits per day (at equator)
Spectral bandsRGB
Georeferencing accuracy< 20 m CE90 globally
Bit depth per pixel16-bit
Coordinate reference systemEPSG:4326

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