Free medium resolution 10–60 m optical imagery acquired every 5 days on a global basis.


Sentinel-2 is an Earth observation mission from the Copernicus programme of the European Space Agency. It provides free imagery acquired by the twin constellation Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B at a combined revisit rate of 5 days anywhere on the globe. The datasets are available starting with 2017.

The imagery is a Level-2A product that provides atmospherically corrected Surface Reflectance imagery, derived from the associated Level-1C. It consists of 13 spectral bands of different spatial resolutions.

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A Sentinel-2 image
A Sentinel-2 image

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global. There are regional restrictions that limit the coverage.

Location of interest type

This collection accepts AOIs. You will get full scenes intersecting the defined AOI.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionMedium resolution (10 m, 20 m)
Low resolution (60 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeMono
Geometric processing levelOrtho
Radiometric processing levelSurface Reflectance
Delivery formatCOG GeoTIFF
Scene size110 × 110 km
Revisit frequencyFor the constellation — every 5 days
For each satellite — every 10 days
Catalog data availabilityEurope — from 2017
Globally — from 2018
Spectral bands10 m:
  • Blue 490 nm (band 2)
  • Green 560 nm (band 3)
  • Red 665 nm (band 4)
  • NIR 842 nm (band 8)
20 m:
  • Vegetation red edge 705 nm (band 5)
  • Vegetation red edge 740 nm (band 6)
  • Vegetation red edge 783 nm (band 7)
  • Narrow NIR 865 nm (band 8A)
  • SWIR 1610 nm (band 11)
  • SWIR 2190 nm (band 12)
60 m:
  • Coastal aerosol 443 (band 1)
  • Water vapour 940 nm (band 9)
  • SWIR – Cirrus 1375 nm (band 10)
Bit depth per pixelAcquired at 12-bit and converted to 16-bit in imagery products
Coordinate reference systemUTM-WGS84

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