Very high resolution 80 cm optical imagery acquired daily on a global basis.


TripleSat images are acquired by three very high resolution optical satellites on a daily basis anywhere on the globe. The datasets are available starting with 2016.

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A TripleSat image of Dubai (UAE)
A TripleSat image of Dubai (UAE)

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionPanchromatic: very high resolution (0.8 m)
Multispectral: very high resolution (3.2 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeMono
Processing levelL2 (georectified, radiometrically and sensor corrected)
Radiometric processing levelAnalytic
File formatGeoTIFF
Revisit frequencyDaily
Catalog data availabilityFrom 2016
Incidence angle52°
Spectral bandsPanchromatic
Blue 440–510 nm
Green 510–590 nm
Red 600–670 nm
Near-infrared 760–910 nm
Spectral combinationBundle: including both Panchromatic and Multispectral
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Coordinate reference systemEPSG:4326 (WGS84)
Absolute geolocation accuracy (nadir)< 20 m CE90


Maximum order< 100,000 km2
Minimum priceSame price as an AOI of 25 km2

UP42 data products

Data productIDNameBit depth per pixel
Analytic - 8 bit2398d8f5-5f7f-4596-884d-345c0b07af14triplesat8bit
Analytic - 16 bit37c26f4d-f6a9-47c9-ae4d-a095569ab8bctriplesat16bit