Data and algorithms prices.

Catalog collections

Pricing for catalog collections depends on the provider. For example, low resolution images cost less than high resolution ones.

Specify order parameters in the console to see the final price.

Tasking collections

Pricing for tasking collections depends on the requirements you specified for your order. For example, a mono acquisition mode will cost less than stereo or tri-stereo modes. Different providers have different parameters for you to specify.

Submit a tasking order request in the console to receive a quotation.

Data and processing blocks

Pricing for data and processing blocks is displayed on their corresponding pages on the marketplace. It can be set for different units, but most often it's set for km2.

Configure your job to see an estimation calculated from the following costs:

  • Data costs

    How much data will be consumed through a data block. Pricing for data blocks depends on technical specifications, such as spatial, spectral, and temporal resolution.

  • Processing costs

    How much data will be processed through a processing block. Pricing for processing blocks depends on algorithm complexity, such as band math, deep learning, and interferometry.

  • Infrastructure costs

    How much machine time and what machine type will be used during data consumption and computation.

    Note that infrastructure costs aren't displayed in the job estimation, but they're usually negligible. You can check them in the job dashboard after running the job.

Machine types

All marketplace blocks have a machine type assigned to them by their provider, depending on the algorithm complexity. The chosen machine type affects the infrastructure costs for running a job with this block.

Machine typeCPUGPURAMPrice per hour
small0.5None2 GB4 credits
medium1None5 GB9 credits
large2None10 GB19 credits
xlarge4None20 GB38 credits
xxlarge8None40 GB76 credits
xxxlarge16None80 GB152 credits
gpu_nvidia_tesla_k804120 GB99 credits
gpu_p100_xxl8140 GB258 credits

You can choose a machine type for your custom block. Different use cases require different machine types.

All CPUs and GPUs are charged a minimum of 1 minute. For example, if you run your machine instance for 30 seconds or less, you'll be billed for 1 minute of usage. After 1 minute, instances are charged in 1-second increments.

Any fractional credit usage gets rounded up to 1 credit. For example, 0.1 credit is billed as 1 credit.