Add new team members.


You can invite others to join your UP42 account to collaborate with your team members by sharing data, algorithms, and results from your workspaces. In a multi-user account, you also share credits and compliance status between users. Note that free credits are allocated per account, not per user.

See users

To see users who have access to your account, click the upper right corner → Members. You'll be able to see their names, emails, and roles.

  • Members can switch workspaces and see other users' projects, storage assets, and custom blocks.
  • Admins can also invite new users, buy credits, view transaction history, and modify organization details.
  • A pending status means that the invitation hasn't been accepted.

Invite users

Users with Admin roles can invite new users as follows:

  1. Click the upper right corner → Members.
  2. Click Invite Member.
  3. Fill in the email of a user you want to invite and click Add.
  4. Click Send Invites.

An invited user will receive an email with a link to register as a user of the main account. The invitations are valid for 48 hours. If an invitation link has expired, contact support.

Delete a user

To delete a user from your account, contact support with the subject line User deletion request. The deleted user's workspace will remain accessible to other users.

For more information on how to delete the whole account, see Account management.