Ship detection

An algorithm that detects ships in SPOT imagery.


The algorithm uses object detection in SPOT display imagery to detect ships. The result is a GeoJSON file with polygons drawn around detected ships.

Ship detection can be used for maritime surveillance, port and harbor management, and fishing activity detection.

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Training data and accuracy

For optimal results, the algorithm should be used to detect ships larger than 26 m. You can use it to detect smaller ships, but the same level of performance isn’t guaranteed.

Scenarios represented in the training data:

  • Different cloud coverage
  • Different maritime conditions

Requirements for input imagery

Checkmark inline-icon The STAC item should be a SPOT image of the display radiometric processing level.

Checkmark inline-icon The STAC item should be CNAM-compatible. Check that the STAC item has been added to storage in 2023 or later.

Input parameters

Required parameters

Input imagery

You need to specify the STAC items you want to apply the process to.

Output title

You need to specify the title of the output objects. This title will be assigned to the resulting STAC item and STAC collection.

API input

A sample input payload for the process


      "title": "Ship detection over Venice",
      "item": ""

inputs.titleobject / required
The title of the output objects: STAC item and STAC collection.
inputs.itemobject / required
The STAC item link in the following format:{collection-id}/items/{item-id}