Place and track tasking orders through the catalog.


This guide shows you how to place tasking orders using the console catalog. To proceed, you are required to sign up. Alternatively, you can request a quotation and place tasking orders by contacting the operations team.

1. Select the Collection

Open the Catalog. On the left side, two tabs are displayed: Search and Tasking. Click on the tab Tasking. The next step is to select the collection. UP42 provides access to collections that consist of more data products (see table below).

Search and Tasking tabs
Search and Tasking tabs

2. Request Access

This step assumes that users are placing an order for the first time and have not yet obtained access to tasking collections. To request access, click Request Access.

Request access
Request access

You will be redirected to a new window, where you need to fill in the access form. After submitting the form, our team will get back to you in approximately 7 working days.

Fill in the request form
Fill in the request form

You will receive an email with the subject Access to {collection} approved. This means that access has been granted and you can now continue placing the tasking order. To verify that the access request has been approved, you can also go to the dashboard Access Requests.

3. Create Tasking Order

You now have access to the tasking collection. To place a tasking order, return to the Catalog, create a tasking order by selecting the unlocked collection and click Order.

Select collection
Select collection

The tasking order filters will be displayed. For more information, please refer to the table below.

FilterFilter DescriptionExample
NameThe name of the tasking orderSatellite tasking order Greece
DescriptionAdditional details about the tasking operation.Monitoring deforestation over south-eastern Europe.
ProductAn image with a certain radiometric and geometric processing level.Mono Display
StartThe beginning of the image capture interval2022-12-15
EndThe end of the image capture interval2022-12-31
Cloud CoverageThe maximum percentage of cloud cover for the images (0-100)20
Incidence AngleThe angle between the ground normal and look direction from the satellite, expressed in degrees (0-90)30

After adjusting the tasking filters on the left panel, go to the right panel and draw or upload an AOI on the basemap. For more information about the accepted AOI file formats, please refer to Draw or upload an Area of Interest.

Adjust filters and draw AOI
Adjust filters and draw AOI

Click Next.

4. Get the Tasking Order Summary

The tasking order summary is displayed. If you need to change the tasking details before submitting the request, click Edit order.


You will not be charged at this step.

Tasking order summary
Tasking order summary

5. Submit a Tasking Order

To proceed with placing the tasking order, click Submit request.


The tasking operation will not be activated yet. The next step is to evaluate the feasibility and receive a quote from the UP42 operations team.

Submit tasking order request
Submit tasking order request

6. Track the Tasking Order

The placed tasking order can be viewed in the tab Orders. The initial status is In Progress.

7. Feasibility Evaluation

After the order is officially placed, the operations team will assess the feasibility of this tasking operation. This means that the operations team evaluates the order parameters (cloud cover, local climate and seasonal restrictions, acquisition interval, incidence angle etc.) and classifies the tasking operation as easy or difficult to complete.

8. Payment

Depending on the feasibility study, the operations team will provide a quote with the total price for the tasking operation.

9. Activation of the Tasking Operation

The tasking operation is activated and the image acquisition officially starts.

10. Download Tasked Images

When new images have been captured during the tasking operation, they are delivered as assets to the Storage. To download the assets, locate the asset names and go to the tab Actions, then click Download. The asset is downloaded as a compressed archive (TGZ or ZIP) in the folder Downloads.

Congratulations! You downloaded your first image captured through a tasking operation. To view all the orders and assets, please go to Storage.