Request access (console)

Request access to the selected tasking data products.

Request access on the console

This step assumes that you are placing a tasking order for the first time and did not yet obtain access to tasking collections. Go to the catalog, click on the tab Tasking and select a tasking collection. In this example, we request access to the collection Pléiades Neo Tasking.

Tasking Request Access Pleiades Neo
Request access to collection

Request form

Fill in the access request form and click on Submit. The questions are shown in the table below.

In what vertical are you doing business?Environmental protection
Tell us about your use caseMonitoring of deforestation in Paraguay
Where do you intend to process the data?On the UP42 platform
How do you intend to use the data?Internally (within your team/organization)

Request Form Pleiades Neo
Access request form

Request approval

The request form is sent to the customer support team. Please note that the customer support team will get back to you in approximately 7 working days.

You will receive an email with the subject Access to pneo-tasking approved. This means that access has been granted and you can now continue placing the tasking order. To verify that the access request has been approved, you can also go to the dashboard Access Requests.

Access Pleiades Neo Approved
Access granted

To proceed, please go to Data ordering.