Capella Space

Very high-resolution Capella Space radar images acquired globally on a sub-daily basis.


Capella Space images are acquired by 7 very high-resolution radar satellites on an intra-day basis anywhere on the globe. You can task Capella Space datasets and get fresh images for real-time monitoring.

Capella Space GEO Image
Capella Space GEO Image

Product Information

Geographic Coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Technical Specifications

Spatial ResolutionVery high resolution (0.5 - 1.2 m)
Image TypeRadar
Acquisition ModesSpotLight (Spot)
Sliding Spotlight (Site)
StripMap (Strip)
Radiometric Processing LevelsSingle Look Complex (SLC)
Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC)
Geocoded Terrain Corrected (GEO)
File FormatsNational Imagery Transmission Format (Sensor Independent Complex Data standard)
Cloud-optimized GeoTIFF (COG) + JSON
Revisit FrequencyIntra-day revisit rate (average of 5 hours)
Look Angle25° - 40°
Spectral BandsX (9.4 to 9.9 GHz)
PolarisationsSingle HH
Single VV
Orbit DirectionsAscending & Descending
Bit Depths16/32 bits per pixel
Coordinate SystemUniversal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) projections.

Data Products

Data ProductDescriptionID
Spotlight (SPOT)The antenna beam is focused on a point on the Earth for an extended period of time. Ground resolution is set to be 0.5 meters per pixel, and a special radar processing technique called multilooking is employed to improve image quality. The swath width of the image is determined by the antenna beam size, yielding a 5km x 5km image footprint on the ground.cbb6c7fc-b6f4-47e5-8808-3e8810f64043
Sliding Spotlight (SITE)This imaging mode increases the image length of high-resolution spotlight acquisitions to achieve a 5km x 10km image footprint on the ground. Instead of illuminating a fixed point on the ground, as with spotlight mode, the collection angle for Sliding Spotlight is slowly varied to scan the illumination point along the ground. Sliding spotlight provides excellent image resolution (ground resolution is 1 meter/pixel) with larger area coverage than spotlight.a0b82d3f-9314-4433-9ed8-ee31fa375565
Stripmap (STRIP)The center of the antenna beam moves in tandem with the satellite. The ground swath is illuminated while the antenna beam is fixed in look angle. This results in an even longer image footprint on the ground at 5km x 5km. The ground resolution of the Stripmap is 2 meters/pixel574cd305-129d-479a-aeba-813abde29d1e