Data ordering

Order tasking data products.


After discovering geospatial datasets and getting access to the geospatial dataset that suits your needs, you can request a quotation with the final price, place the tasking order and activate a tasking operation. The quotation is generated according to the specifications of the feasibility study (urgency of the tasking acquisition, area of interest, cloud cover, incidence angle). Upon activation, the sensor starts to capture images over your area of interest.

Data ordering

This section explains the steps before a tasking operation is activated. When placing a tasking order, the parameters specified in the tasking order request are used by the customer support team to evaluate the feasibility.

Currently, the tasking order can be placed using the API. To place the order, please go to Data ordering (API).

Tasking activation

According to an internal feasibility study, you will receive a quote with the final price. Please note that the factors considered in the final price calculation are: tasking schedule (rapid tasking), size of the area of interest, collection & data product type.

To place the tasking order and activate the tasking operation, please go to Tasking activation (operations).