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The UP42 Storage allows users to have their own storage space and provides a dashboard with all the Pléiades and SPOT images that were previously downloaded via job runs, ordered through the catalog or received from tasking operations.


  • Immediate access to the latest images acquired through satellite tasking operations
  • Centralize all the images downloaded via job runs or orders from the catalog
  • Ability to re-use the previously downloaded satellite data into workflows and process them via job runs

The assets are only delivered as ZIP archives.

Datasets delivered to the Storage

Datasets delivered to the Storage
Pléiades and SPOT images downloaded via job runs
Pléiades and SPOT images ordered via catalog
Pléiades and SPOT images acquired during satellite tasking operations

How to access the Storage

1. Open Storage

storage navigation
In the blue menu bar, click on the Storage icon.

storage empty
You will be redirected to the Storage window which is empty until you purchase data.

2. Purchase/Download images to get them delivered

storage data
Once you receive geospatial data, the Data table will be populated with the assets.

Asset information

Each asset contains the following information:

NameImage filenameDS_PHR1A_202108160942363_FR1_PX_E023N39_0209_05960
CollectionSatellite sensor (SPOT or PHR)SPOT
AcquisitionImage acquisition date3 November 2020
TypeThe origin of the image: archived or taskingTasking
SizeImage size348 MB
CreatedDate when the image was delivered10 days ago
ActionsA download button for each imageDownload
Image InformationBasic image metadataName: DS_PHR1A_202108160942363_FR1_PX_E023N39_0209_05960
Asset Identifier: 8ae03bfe-0139-4cb0-98dd-61d597eda363

In order to re-use assets in workflows for future processing, you need to paste the Asset Identifier. For more information, please refer to Processing data from Storage.

Preview the image footprint

  1. In order to view the image footprint of the asset, go to any file displayed on the dashboard, click on the 3 dots and then click Preview.

Storage clickPreview

  1. The image footprint will be displayed on the basemap.

Storage viewPreview

The Preview button is only displayed for assets that contain geometry information in the metadata.

Congratulations! You can now take advantage of the delivery process via UP42 Storage.