Manage tasking orders

Monitor tasking order status and utilize assets through the console.


The console allows you to monitor a tasking order, download assets, and process them.

You can also manage an order using the API.

See order information

Go to Tasking icon TaskingMy orders. To open the order sidebar, select your order. You will only see one AOI on the basemap, even if the tasking order is for multiple AOIs.

Monitor an order

Go to Tasking icon TaskingMy orders to check the status of an order.

PlacedThe order has been submitted, but not yet activated.
CancelledThe order has been cancelled and will not be activated.
In ProgressThe order has been activated and is ongoing.

Tasking orders are usually delivered in increments when any part of the AOI is covered. At any time during this stage, some assets can be ready for you to download them.
CompletedAll assets are ready and you can download them.

Download an asset

To download acquired tasking assets, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tasking icon TaskingMy orders and select your order.
  2. Go to Captured Images and click Download to get your assets as a ZIP archive.

Find an order ID

  1. Go to Tasking icon TaskingMy orders.
  2. Select a completed order to see the sidebar.
  3. Click Copy icon above to copy the order ID.

Find an asset ID

  1. Go to Storage icon StorageData.
  2. To find assets ordered by other team members, click My Account. Otherwise, stay in My Workspace.
  3. Click Copy icon by the name of the chosen asset.

For more information about how to use assets in a processing workflow, see Use assets from storage.


Is there a way to get notified when my order is ready?

Use webhooks to get notifications when a new order has been completed.

You can set it up in one of the following ways: