Near Space Labs

Very high-resolution images captured by stratospheric balloons.


Near Space Labs images are acquired by a fleet of stratospheric balloons up to 5 times per day. The datasets are available starting with 2019.

Near Space Labs image
Near Space Labs image

Product information

Geographic coverage

The datasets are covering the USA.

Technical specifications

Spatial resolution10-30 cm
Image typeOptical
Scene size1.4 x 1 km
Imaging sensorStratospheric Balloons (Swifty)
Processing levelsNon-local means denoising
Contrast and white balancing
Atmospheric correction
Capture angleNadir & up to 30° off-nadir
File formatGeoTIFF
Revisit frequencyUp to 5 times per day
Data availabilitySince 2019
Spectral bandsRed
Georeferencing accuracy5 m CE90
Bit depth8 bits per pixel
Coordinate systemUTM projection

UP42 data products

Data productIDSpectral processingGeometric processing levelImage formatBit depthRadiometric processing levelAcquisition modeCoordinate system
Display7131f727-cdbb-46d4-a1e7-77ac38b7bd02PansharpenedOrthoGeoTIFF8 bits per pixelDisplayMonoUTM Projection