Very high resolution 15 and 30 cm optical imagery across North America and Europe.


Very high resolution 8-bit aerial imagery is acquired with Leica ADS100 and Leica DMC III large format digital airborne sensors on a daily basis in some parts of North America and Europe. The datasets are available starting from 2014.

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A 30 cm Hexagon image
A 30 cm Hexagon image

Product information

Geographic coverage

15 cm

Click to see the coverage map of North America

30 cm

Click to see the coverage map of Europe
Click to see the coverage map of North America

Location of interest type

This collection accepts AOIs. You will get imagery clipped to the defined AOI.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionVery high resolution (from 0.15 m to 0.30 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeMono
Geometric processing levelOrtho
Delivery formatGeoTIFF
Revisit frequencyDaily
Spectral bandsRed
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Coordinate reference systemEPSG:3857

Acquisiton date range

The collection is a processed result of data acquired between 2014 and 2023.

The data changes over time. When newer data is processed, scenes from previous years are replaced with new ones. For a given AOI, you always get the latest processed data available.

UP42 data products

Product configuration titleData product IDCollection nameGeographic coverageSpatial resolution
Hexagon — North America 15 cmaba5216d-1876-4170-8ab7-10627bddbc9chexagon-na-15cmNorth America15 cm
Hexagon — Europe 30 cm522262d1-5ae5-4da3-8872-181aaafb9820hexagon-eu-30cmEurope30 cm
Hexagon — North America 30 cm8acca1de-0ed8-4a8d-987e-e1479cf63140hexagon-na-30cmNorth America30 cm