Very high-resolution 80cm 21AT images acquired daily on a global basis.


21AT images are acquired by three very high-resolution optical satellites (TripleSat-1, 2 and 3) on a daily basis anywhere on the globe. The datasets are available starting with 2016.

Product Information

Geographic Coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Technical Specifications

Spatial Resolution3.2m (MS)
0.8m (P)
Image TypeOptical
Satellite SensorsTripleSat-1
Processing LevelsL2 (georectified, radiometrically and sensor corrected)
Radiometric Processing LevelsAnalytic
Clip to geometryYes
File FormatsGeoTIFF
Revisit FrequencyDaily
Data Availability2016-present
Incidence Angle52°
Spectral BandsRed
Near Infrared
Spectral CombinationsBundle - Products include both PAN and MS in one package
Pansharpened - Products combine the visual spectral information of the MS data with the detailed spatial information of the PAN data channel, resulting in a detailed very high resolution color product.
Bit Depths8 bits per pixel
16 bits per pixel
Coordinate SystemWGS84/EPSG4326
Absolute geolocation accuracy (nadir)<20m CE90


The AOI must be smaller than 100 000 sq. km.

The AOI must have less than 1000 vertices.

AOIs smaller than 25 sq. km will be charged the same price as for 25 sq. km.

UP42 Data Products

Data ProductsIDGeometric processing levelImage formatBit depthRadiometric processing levelAcquisition modeCoordinate system
Analyticc141e253-8ad6-44bc-aab9-c6d3dff9cfc9OrthoGeoTIFF16 bits per pixelAnalyticMonoWGS84
Display352d60eb-8d67-4f1d-9461-aa8bcd36c38dOrthoGeoTIFF8 bits per pixelDisplayMonoWGS84