Geospatial datasets

View the list of geospatial datasets available on the UP42 platform.


UP42 currently provides access to numerous geospatial datasets captured by aircraft sensors and spaceborne platforms. In this section, you can view the list of available geospatial datasets with different spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions and also get familiar with their technical specifications.

Geospatial datasets

Capella Space

Very high-resolution Capella Space radar images acquired globally on a sub-daily basis.

Near Space Labs

Very high-resolution images captured by stratospheric balloons.

Pléiades Neo

Very high-resolution 30cm Pléiades Neo images acquired bidaily on a global basis.


Very high-resolution 50cm Pléiades images acquired daily on a global basis.

SPOT 6/7

High-resolution 1.5m SPOT images acquired daily on a global basis.


Very high-resolution 80cm 21AT images acquired daily on a global basis.