Data ordering

Order geospatial data products.


After discovering geospatial datasets and performing a search over your area of interest, you can estimate the credit costs necessary for ordering a specific dataset. After estimating the price, purchase the dataset and place the order.

Data estimation

To ensure full transparency, users can check in advance the number of UP42 credits that would be consumed for a specific product. This section explains how the price of the product is estimated before placing an order. Please note that the estimation can be done after you already performed a search using the API.

The factors considered in the final price calculation are: size of the Area of Interest, collection & data product type. To estimate the price of the product, please go to Data estimation (API).

Data ordering

This section explains how the order is placed and the previously estimated credits are consumed from the UP42 account balance.

Ordering is performed under the conditions explained in the table below.

Ordering stepCondition
Order is placedIf the user has sufficient credits in the account balance, the order goes through and the credits are held.
Order is successfulThe credits are deducted from the account balance.
Order failsThe credits are returned to the account balance.

Currently, the archive order can be placed using the API. To place the order, please go to Data ordering (API).