Restricted Blocks

How to access blocks with data access or commercial use restrictions.


Most data available on UP42 is freely accessible for every user who is compliant with the UP42 terms & conditions. However, some data and processing blocks have additional restrictions. For more information, please refer to the Compliance FAQ.

Restriction types

Data access restrictions

The data or results provided by an algorithm. Reason: avoid using data containing very detailed spatial information for unauthorized or unclear purposes (e.g. high-resolution digital elevation model).

Commercial use restrictions

The data or algorithm provider might impose restrictions on the data usage. Reason: making sure that blacklisted authorities do not get access to sensitive data.

Users are able to get access to data/algorithms if they pass a preliminary screening. For the screening process, users need to fill out a questionnaire that gets forwarded to the data providers, who grant access upon examining the information provided by the questionnaire.

How to easily access restricted blocks

In this example, we are requesting access for the block Ship Identification.

Step 1: add the restricted block to your workflow

For this particular case, we created a workflow that contains the blocks Ship detection and Ship Identification.

A red label Restricted Block appears. This informs that this block can be added to the workflow but it cannot be used until access is granted.

step00 restricted blocks

Step 2: requesting access

Click the button Request Access, which will redirect you to a new window with a questionnaire.

Step 3: fill out the questionnaire

In the new window, fill out all the fields of the questionnaire. The questions are the following:

In what industry or vertical are you doing business?

Describe your potential use case for this block.

Where do you intend to process the data?

How do you intend to use the data?

step01 restricted blocks

Step 4: send the questionnaire to the UP42 customer support team

Scroll down and click the button Request Access. The request is sent to the customer support team, who will forward the questionnaire to the data providers. You will get notified about the status of the request via email once a decision has been reached.

step02 restricted blocks

Congratulations! You have successfully sent an access request for a restricted block.