How to request access to restricted data


UP42 aims to democratize access to geospatial information. Most of the free and commercial data and analytics are accessible to every user who is compliant with the UP42 platform terms and conditions. However, restrictions apply to certain categories of data and analytics. For more information, please refer to Verification and compliance.

Restriction types

1. Data access restrictions

Definition: the data or results provided by an algorithm are not accessible to all users.

Reason: making sure that blacklisted authorities or economic sectors do not get access to sensitive data.

Request access: please refer to the article How to access restricted blocks.

2. Commercial use restrictions

Definition: the data or algorithm provider grants access to a certain user, but can impose restrictions on the data usage.

Reason: avoid using data containing very detailed spatial information for unauthorized or unclear purposes (e.g. high-resolution digital elevation model, vessel information).

Request access: please fill out the questionnaire when signing up on the console.

3. Tasked imagery restrictions

Definition: fresh imagery requires tasking the satellites to capture images over a specific area of interest.

Reason: each user who wants to get access to tasked images needs to go through a preliminary compliance check performed by the UP42 operations team. This will ensure that UP42 engages in a business relationship with a verified customer and that the images tasked by the satellite sensor are further used for authorized purposes.

Request access: users have to request access to a tasking collection before they can create a tasking order.