Learn about purchasing and using credits on the platform.


Credit packages and pricing

To use the platform, you need to purchase a credit package. To view the available credit packages, go to Pricing.

If you want to receive free credits to test the UP42 platform, fill out the form.

The value of a credit

An UP42 credit is the monetary unit used to set the price for the data and service usage available on our platform (data and processing blocks, tasking and catalog images, infrastructure costs etc.). One UP42 credit is equivalent to 1 Euro or US dollar cent and 100 UP42 credits are equivalent to 1 Euro or US dollar (see the conversion rate in the table below).

UnitEuroUS dollar
1 UP42 credit0.010.01
100 UP42 credits11

How to purchase credits

To purchase credits, go to Credit Management, add a credit card and select the preferred credit package. The minimum credit package is 500 Euro/US dollars (50,000 credits). For more information, please refer to Purchase credits.

Terms and conditions

  1. Credits are non-refundable.
  2. Credits expire after 24 months since they have been allocated to your account. For example, if you create an account on the 1st of January 2022 and you purchased credits on the same day, you have to consume them in 24 months starting with the 1st of January 2022. The last day before the expiration date is 31st of December 2023.
  3. Credit packages can be customized. If you would like to buy credits in larger packages or are unsure about which credit package is right for you, please contact our sales team.

Credit consumption

When running a job of a workflow on our platform, the credits are used for the following components:

  1. Data costs: how much data was consumed through a data block.
  2. Processing costs: how much data was processed through a processing block.
  3. Infrastructure costs: how much machine time was used during data consumption and computation. Please note that the infrastructure costs are not displayed in the job estimation. Currently, the job estimation can only calculate the overall credit costs needed for data and processing blocks. However, infrastructure costs can be viewed in the job dashboard (after running the job) and are usually negligible.

Your account balance needs to have minimum 1000 credits in order to run a job or order data.


Data and processing blocks

Data and processing blocks have different prices, depending on the technical specifications (spatial, spectral, temporal resolution) and algorithm complexity (band math, deep learning, interferometry). The table below shows a brief comparison between the prices of data and algorithms.

Pricing factorsExamplePrice
Geospatial dataset typePléiades (High-resolution commercial images)
Sentinel-2 (Low-resolution free images)
1000 credits/km2
0 credits/km2
Algorithm typeNormalized Difference Vegetation Index
Ship Identification
Aircraft Detection
25 credits/km2
100 credits/km2
300 credits/km2

The upstream providers who distribute their services via UP42 data or processing blocks set the price and the pricing unit: MB, km2, scenes, megapixels, tiles etc. This information can be found in the block descriptions on the marketplace.

Machine type

Depending on the algorithm complexity, users can choose a machine type that is able to do extensive computations (see table below).

Machine typeCPUsMemory (GB)Credits (per hour)
  • All CPUs and GPUs are charged a minimum of 1 minute. For example, if you run your machine instance for 30 seconds or less, you will be billed for 1 minute of usage.
  • After 1 minute, instances are charged in 1 second increments.
  • Credit cost calculation is rounded up: any fractional credit usage gets rounded up to 1 credit. For example, 0.1 credit is billed as 1 credit.
Some examples of typical loads for each corresponding machine type is as follows:
Machine typeExample load
smallData block that downloads images or a processing block with a very basic algorithm block.
mediumProcessing block with a basic algorithm, e.g. K-means clustering UP42 demo block.
largeMulti-band imagery analysis not parallelizable with raster tiling.
xlargeMore advanced algorithms, e.g. Range Doppler Terrain Correction.
gpu_nvidia_tesla_k80GPU intensive ML algorithm, e.g., Sentinel 2 Super-resolution by UP42. Includes xlarge machine with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU and extra 12 GB of GDDR5 SDRAM.


VAT stands for Value Added Tax. UP42 GmbH is a company operating in the European Union (EU), therefore we are obliged to charge VAT for every monetary transaction taking place in our platform, which includes selling credits to our customers. It's important to note that the application of VAT depends on the legal status of a customer: company or private person.

If your company operates within the EU, a VAT identification number is necessary. The following information is also required: a billing address and a credit/debit card.

If you are a private customer based in Germany, you will also need to pay VAT at a current tax rate of 19%.