Data discovery

Discover tasking geospatial datasets and search for available data.


UP42 currently provides access to numerous tasking operations that capture images by aircraft sensors and spaceborne platforms. Depending on the tasked sensor type, UP42 provides access to datasets with different spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions. Before activating a tasking operation, you can check the list of available data products and read each user guide. After getting familiar with the datasets, you can request access to the geospatial dataset that suits your needs.

Tasking geospatial datasets

Capella Space

Very high-resolution Capella Space radar images acquired hourly on a global basis.

Pléiades Neo

Very high-resolution 30cm Pléiades Neo images acquired bidaily on a global basis.


Very high-resolution 50cm Pléiades images acquired daily on a global basis.

SPOT 6/7

High-resolution 1.5m SPOT images acquired daily on a global basis.


High-resolution TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar images acquired every two weeks on a global basis.

Data discovery

This section explains how to discover geospatial datasets provided by the UP42 platform. Users can leverage the power of the API that unifies search and access to geospatial datasets from multiple data providers.

To proceed, please go to Data discovery (API).

Request access

This section explains how to place a tasking order that triggers an access request to a specific geospatial dataset. This request is evaluated and reviewed by the customer support team. Depending on the information specified in the request form, you will receive an access approval from the customer support team.

To proceed, please go to Request access (console).