Pléiades Neo

Very high-resolution 30cm Pléiades Neo images acquired bidaily on a global basis.


Pléiades Neo images are acquired by four very high-resolution optical satellites (Pléiades Neo 3, 4, 5 and 6) on a twice daily basis anywhere on the globe. Launched in November 2021, you can task Pléiades Neo datasets and get fresh images for real-time monitoring.

Pléiades Neo Image
Pléiades Neo Image

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Technical specifications

Spatial resolution1.2m (MS)
0.3m (P)
Image typeOptical
Acquisition modesMono
Geometric processing levelsPrimary
Radiometric processing levelsBasic
File formatsJPEG 2000 Optimised
JPEG 2000 Regular
Revisit frequencyBidaily (for Constellation)
Incidence angleUp to 52°
Spectral bandsNear Infrared (770-880 nm)
Red-Edge (700-750 nm)
Red (620-690 nm)
Green (530-590 nm)
Blue (450-520 nm)
Deep Blue (400-450 nm)
Panchromatic (450-800 nm)
Spectral combinationsPAN: Panchromatic (1 band)
Bundle: PAN + MS (4 bands RGB+NIR)
Full Bundle: PAN + Full MS (6 bands)
MS: Multispectral (4 bands RGB+NIR)
Full MS: Multispectral (6 bands)
PMS_N: Pansharpening in natural colour (3 bands RGB)
PMS_X: Pansharpening in false colour (3 bands RGNIR)
PMS: Pansharpening (4 bands RGB+NIR)
Full PMS: Pansharpening (6 bands)
Bit depths16 bits per pixel
12 bits per pixel
8 bits per pixel
Coordinate systemWGS84 (EPSG4326)

Current limitations


The current limitations are due to the recentness of the satellite. The data provider is still in the process of validating the captured data. Therefore, due to the strict quality control process in place, these limitations exist. These will soon be lifted and this dataset will be accessible in the same modalities as Pléaides and/or SPOT.

LimitationsSize of the area of interest
Minimum order100 km2
Minimum width> 5 km. in any direction
Minimum priceAOIs smaller than 100 km2 will be charged the same price as for 100 km2.

UP42 data products

Data productIDSpectral processingGeometric processing levelImage formatBit depthRadiometric processing levelAcquisition modeCoordinate system
Custom07c33a51-94b9-4509-84df-e9c13ea92b84AnyAnyAny8 bits for display/basic products and 12 bits JPEG 2000/16 bits GeoTIFF for basic and reflectance productsAnyAnyWGS84 (EPSG 4326)
Display469f9b2f-1631-4c09-b66d-575abd41dc8fPansharpened 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF8 bits per pixelDisplayAnyWGS84 (EPSG 4326)
Analytic123eabab-0511-4f36-883a-80928716c3dbBundle Panchromatic + Multispectral 6-bandOrthoDIMAP-GeoTIFF12 bits JPEG 2000/16 bits GeoTIFF per pixelReflectanceAnyWGS84 (EPSG 4326)