Data Ordering (API)

Get a quote and place a tasking order.

Build Request Body

Create a request body with the tasking order parameters from the table below.

dataProductThe ID of the data product to be ordered.ce7360e8-d667-46cd-92cd-b456f5fb0702
params.displayNameHuman-readable name of the order.My satellite tasking order
params.acquisitionStartThe beginning of the image capture interval (ISO 8601).2021-12-15T09:45:51.552880Z
params.acquisitionEndThe end of the image capture interval (ISO 8601).2021-12-31T09:45:51.552880Z
params.geometryA GeoJSON geometry object defined in WGS84 (EPSG 4326).{"coordinates":
[[[13.4291473031044,52.494402422398366], [13.428629636764526,52.49390434442823], [13.430040478706358,52.493437289140736], [13.430458903312683,52.493920674942935], [13.4291473031044,52.494402422398366]]],
"type": "Polygon"}
params.extraDescriptionAdditional details about the tasking operation.Capture high resolution images over my AOI
params.cloudCoverageThe maximum percentage of cloud cover for the images (0-100).20
params.incidenceAngleThe angle between the ground normal and look direction from the satellite, expressed in degrees (0-90).12

The example below is a request body for placing a tasking order for Pléiades Neo:


Place a Tasking Order

Place the tasking order by using the request body you previously created:

curl -L -s -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" -d @Pleiades_Neo_tasking_request.json \

To find your workspace ID, please follow the instructions from the article Workspaces.

This API call returns a JSON response that contains the order ID. The tasking order has been successfully placed.

{ "data": {"id": "182aa8ae-180e-49a7-9af7-8ef497909e4d"},  
  "error": null }

To proceed, please go to Tasking Activation (API).