Demo workflow

View the demo workflow and download the geospatial outputs generated by the job run.


This section will guide you through viewing the demo workflow and the outputs generated by a job run. The demo workflow consists of a Sentinel-2 data block and a super-resolution processing block. The outputs generated by the job run represent a Sentinel-2 image that was upscaled from the lower-resolution multispectral bands (20 and 60 meters) to the higher-resolution panchromatic band (10 meters).

View the demo project

After you signed up and logged in, the dashboard displays the Demo Project. This project has been created for you to explore the UP42 platform and understand the UP42 concepts: workflows, data and processing blocks, jobs and tasks.

Open demo project
Open demo project

View the demo workflow

Click on the Demo Project and you will be redirected to the Sentinel-2 Super-resolution - Demo Workflow.

Open demo workflow
Open demo workflow

This demo workflow was created with the following blocks:

Demo workflow - Blocks
Demo workflow - Blocks

View the job parameters

A job is a unique instance of a workflow that runs in order to generate the geospatial outputs corresponding to each block and defined by the job parameters. The job of the demo workflow was configured and run with the following job parameters:


Download the job outputs

The job run successfully generated the geospatial outputs, according to the job parameters of the demo workflow. Open the tab Jobs, click on the job run and you will be redirected to the page where the outputs can be downloaded.

You can download either the output of the last block (final output) or the outputs of each block (individual outputs). For more information: Download the outputs.

In this example, the final output is downloaded. This output can be displayed in the free GIS software QGIS. The map of a Sentinel-2 image with an upscaled spatial resolution (10 m) over New York is displayed. For more information: Visualize the outputs.

S2 output

Next steps

You can now start creating a workflow from scratch. For more information: Create a workflow.