Time Series Image Statistics

Apply image statistics on stack of rasters.


This block mainly works with time series of images with one band, such as images related to weather or climate analysis, and specifically works with Sentinel-5P Level-3 (GeoTIFF). For more information, please read the block description.

Block type: PROCESSING

Supported parameters

This block applies statistics on a stack of raster inputs and creates a raster file containing the result. The statistics can be one of the following: mean, min, max, std, median, or sum. For instance, by using mean, the mean of its values for each pixel in the stack will be calculated. This stack of raster inputs is essentially a time series of images for a specific area of interest.

  • method: A statistical method to be applied on the stack of raster inputs. Default is mean.

Example queries

Example of the block in a complete workflow consisting of Sentinel-5P L3 (GeoTIFF) block:

  "esa-s5p-l3-gtiff:1": {
    "bbox": [
    "time": "2020-08-20T09:43:00+00:00/2020-08-21T09:44:00+00:00",
    "layer": "L3__SO2___",
    "qa_mask": "nomask",
    "fail_on_missing": false
  "up42-timeseries-image-statistics:1": {
    "method": "mean"




To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.