NDVI Threshold

Differentiates NDVI values into vegetation classes.


This block performs the thresholding of NDVI values and assigns each generated group to a vegetation type.

Technical information

Algorithm description

This block applies thresholding for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values. This block classifies the NDVI values previously generated with processing blocks such as NDVI. However, other similar NDVI blocks from the marketplace can be used with this block.

Output files

This block generates outputs in 8-bit GeoTIFF format.

Compatible blocks

Data block
Pléiades Reflectance (Download)
SPOT 6/7 Reflectance (Download)

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

How it works

This thresholding is based on two main parameters:

  • n_sieve_pixels: Number of connected pixels (small polygon) that will be replaced in the output with the value of their largest neighbor.

  • threshold_values: A list of a dictionary with vegetation types and corresponding threshold values.

The default threshold values are shown in the table below. However, you can change them according to your needs.

Vegetation TypeThreshold
Supported JSON parametersDefault valueMinMaxExamples
n_sieve_pixels51n.a."n_sieve_pixels": 10
threshold_values"no_vegetation": 0.2
"dense_vegetation": 0.9
"sparse_vegetation": 0.4
"moderate_vegetation": 0.6
0n.a."no_vegetation": 0.1
"dense_vegetation": 0.8
"sparse_vegetation": 0.3
"moderate_vegetation": 0.5


Example of a workflow created with the data block Pléiades Reflectance (Download), Pan-sharpening, NDVI and NDVI Threshold:





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