Export Data (Vector)

Exports the block results of vector output blocks to GCS or AWS bucket.


For more information, please read the block description.

Block type: PROCESSING

This block enables exporting the vector output generated from data or processing blocks from an UP42 workflow to a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) bucket. The full content of the output is copied to the bucket. The user can optionally provide a prefix for an output directory within the bucket.

In order to access the bucket, the access credentials need to be provided via UP42 environment variables. For AWS, provide the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as environment variables. No bucket region setting is required. For GCS, provide the full json string of the Google Application Credentials json as the GOOGLE_KEY_STRING environment variable. Example:

Environment variables
Environment variables

Supported parameters

For more information, please read the section JSON parameters.

  • cloud_provider: The cloud storage provider of the bucket, either gcs or aws.
  • bucket_name: The bucket name.
  • prefix: A file structure prefix to limit the dataset search to a specific subdirectory. Conforms to the gcs & aws prefix structure, which excludes the bucket name. E.g. folder1/folder2/.

Example parameters

Example for exporting Sentinel-2 vector data to a GCS bucket using a prefix:

  "ais-hvp:1": {
    "time": "2019-01-01T10:00:00+00:00/2019-01-01T13:59:59+00:00",
    "bbox": [
  "up42-exportdata-vector:1": {
    "prefix": "europe/france/",
    "bucket_name": "ais-data",
    "cloud_provider": "gcs"

Output format

The output data.json is a copy from the exported result.



  "or": [
To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.