Count Objects

Counts the number of vector objects.

Analytics platform discontinued after January 31, 2024

The current analytics platform will be discontinued after January 31, 2024, and will be replaced by new advanced processing functionalities. This change will affect projects, workflows, jobs, data blocks, processing blocks, and custom blocks. For more information, see the blog post.


A processing block that computes the number of geometry features and geometry types (Point, LineString, Polygon etc.) extracted by other processing blocks such as:

See this block on the marketplace.

How it works

This block has no configurable JSON parameters.

The output is a JSON file count_objects.json containing the number of occurrences per geometry type:

[Counter({'LineString': 2621, 'Polygon': 46}), Counter({'Polygon': 5, 'MultiPolygon': 1}), Counter({'Polygon': 4087, 'MultiPolygon': 93})]


A workflow with the following blocks:

  "up42-processing-from-storage:1": {
    "asset_ids": ["00210895-5405-4c0r-9bca-ccca551776f9"]
  "tiling:1": {
    "nodata": null,
    "tile_width": 768,
    "tile_height": 768,
    "match_extents": false,
    "output_prefix": "",
    "augmentation_factor": 1,
    "discard_empty_tiles": true
  "ship-detection:1": {},
  "up42-countobjects:1": {}




To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.