Sharpening Filter

Enhances the sharpness of a raster image by applying an unsharp mask filter algorithm.

Analytics platform discontinued after January 31, 2024

The current analytics platform will be discontinued after January 31, 2024, and will be replaced by new advanced processing functionalities. This change will affect projects, workflows, jobs, data blocks, processing blocks, and custom blocks. For more information, see the blog post.


A processing block that enhances the sharpness of a satellite image by applying an Unsharp Masking Algorithm (UMA).

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How it works

When applying UMA, the sharp details are identified as the difference between the original image and its blurred version. These details are then scaled, and added back to the original image.

strengthstring / required
Strength of the image sharpening operation:
  • light
  • medium
  • strong
The default value is medium.


  "sharpening:1": {
    "strength": "medium",
    "filter_method": "kernel"
  "up42-processing-from-storage:1": {
    "asset_ids": ["00210895-5405-4c0r-9bca-ccca551776f9"]




To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.