Processing Blocks

Enhance your data with best-in-class processing algorithms.

DIMAP -> GeoTIFF ConversionConverts DIMAP to GeoTIFF format.
Co-registrationDetection and matching of features from satellite images.
Export Data (Raster)Exports the block results of raster output blocks to GCS or AWS bucket.
Export Data (Vector)Exports the block results of vector output blocks to GCS or AWS bucket.
Flood Finder Pléiades/SPOTCreates a binary flood mask for Pléiades/SPOT Reflectance blocks.
K-means ClusteringRuns a simple unsupervised K-means clustering algorithm for classification.
Land Cover Classifier for Pléiades/SPOT Classifies imagery into discrete land cover classes.
NDVICalculates NDVI on imagery with RGB and NIR bands.
NDVI ThresholdDifferentiates NDVI values into vegetation classes.
NetCDF -> GeoTIFF ConversionConverts NetCDF to GeoTIFF format.
Cloud MaskProvides cloud masks for Pléiades and SPOT imagery.
Pan-sharpeningPansharpens images from Pléiades / SPOT Reflectance (Download) or Sentinel-2 L2A Analytic (GeoTIFF).
Raster CRS ConversionTransforms input data to the desired coordinate reference system (CRS).
Raster TilingClips rasters into tiles for machine learning algorithms.
Raster Zonal StatisticsExtracts zonal statistics from a raster image.
Land Lines Image Segmentation The Land Lines Image Segmentation (LLIS) process block generates GeoJSON polygons that delineate major land cover classes, vegetation management zones, and natural land surface features from sentinel-2 satellite imagery.
Super-resolution Sentinel-2Runs a deep-learning based superresolution algorithm to create a Sentinel-2 image with 10 m resolution across all bands.
Level-3 Processor Sentinel-5PConverts Sentinel-5P Level-2 data to Level-3.
Sharpening FilterEnhances the sharpness of a raster image by applying an unsharp mask filter algorithm.
Ship IdentificationFuses AIS properties with the ship detection block output geometries.
Super-resolution Pléiades/SPOT Quadruples imagery resolution of Pléiades or SPOT.
16-to-8 Bit ConversionConverts 16 bit imagery from Sentinel-2 into 8 bit imagery.
TerraSAR -> GeoTIFF ConversionConverts TerraSAR EEC data to GeoTIFF data format and optionally clips the image.
Count ObjectsCounts the number of vector objects.
SNAP Polarimetric Processing Sentinel-1Runs a common polarimetric processing workflow with SNAP that operates ESA SAFE format scenes.
Time Series Image StatisticsApply image statistics on stack of rasters.
VectorizationTransforms rasters into vectors.
Water Finder Pléiades/SPOTCreates a binary water mask for Pléiades/SPOT Reflectance blocks.

Get Analytics

To download the analytics outputs defined by each processing block, you need to create a new workflow. To build a workflow and add blocks, please go to Create a Workflow.