Run job (commercial data)

How to run a job and download the geospatial outputs.


This guide will walk you through running a job you previously configured in the article Configure job (commercial data). A job is a unique instance of a pre-configured workflow that delivers the outputs defined by the JSON parameters shown in the job configuration window.

Run a test query

After the job configuration, run the job as a test query. This job type queries available geospatial datasets for your configured job parameters and generates image quicklooks and metadata associated with the available datasets (see table below).

A test query does not consume credits.

Test query resultsDescription
PreviewMetadata in JSON format (acquisition date, cloud cover, incidence angle, scene identifier, processing level etc.).
QuicklooksA low-resolution version of the image. The original resolution of the image can only be purchased and retrieved by running a live job.
ResultsMetadata delivered in the file data.json.
Usage information delivered in the file usage.json (optional).

job test query

job quicklooks

view quicklooks

job preview

view preview metadata

Run a live job

In the job configuration window, select the job type Live Job, scroll down and click on Run Job.

A live job consumes the credits displayed in the job estimation.

live job

run job

A new window appears and informs you about the minimum amount of credits that will be held from the beginning until the completion of the job run. This amount of credits will be deducted from your account. If you agree, click Confirm & Job Run.

hold credits

A new window informs you that the job run is starting.

start job

You will be redirected to the job dashboard, where the job is currently running.

If the limit is set to 1, the most recent image is returned by default. For a limit value greater than 1, the images are returned by descending chronological order (i.e. from most recent to least recent).

Generate geospatial outputs

A successful job run generates the geospatial outputs defined in the job parameters. In this example, we download the individual outputs:

For more information: Download the outputs.

Visualize geospatial outputs

Currently, UP42 does not support the direct visualization of geospatial outputs and users need to download and save the outputs separately for further rendering in third-party GIS software. For more information: Visualize the outputs.

view output