Run job (API)

Run a job of the workflow and generate results using the API.

Run live job

After you estimated the credit costs for this job (see the file job_params.json), you can run the live job. This job type consumes credits.


Before running, you can name your job, in order to easily locate it on the job dashboard:


Run the live job:

JOB_ID=$(curl -s POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" "$URL_JOB?name=$JOB_NAME" \
-d @job_params.json | jq -j '.data.id')
Learn more

For more job operations (e.g. rerun, rename or cancel jobs), please refer to Job operations (API).

When using the console UI, the job name defaults to the workflow name. On the API, if you create and run a job without explicitly setting a name, the name is an empty string (null).

Next steps

If the job runs successfully, the results are generated. To proceed with downloading the results, please go to Download outputs (API).