Configure job (commercial data)

How to configure a job.


This guide will walk you through configuring a job for the workflow you previously created in the article Create a workflow (commercial data). A job is a unique instance of a pre-configured workflow that delivers the outputs defined by the JSON parameters shown in the job configuration window.

The next step is to configure these job parameters using the JSON syntax.

Draw/upload area of interest

In the job configuration window, draw or upload the area of interest (AOI). For more information: AOI guidelines.

Select the geometric filter. There are three geometric filter options available: bounding box, contains, and intersects. For more information: Select Geometric Filter.

job configuration window

upload geometry

Configure job parameters

The JSON parameters define how the data retrieval and analysis will be performed during a job run. On the left side, adjust the job parameters using the JSON syntax. The name/value pairs are showing various parameters and their corresponding default values (e.g. limit=1). In this example, the following job parameters were used:


Estimate job

On the lower left side (below the job parameters), you can view the job estimation, which includes the total processing time and price. Please note that the AOI size and the adjusted JSON parameters directly influence the processing time and credit costs.

job estimation

In this example, the UP42 credits that will be consumed range between 1029 and 1079 (the equivalent of approximately 10 Euro or US dollars). If your UP42 credit balance is too low, you can reduce the size of the AOI or tweak the job parameters. The job estimation automatically changes in real time.

After you configured the JSON parameters and viewed the job estimation, you can run the job. To proceed, go to Run job (commercial data).