WorldDEM DTMlite

Provides a worldwide, consistent, and high precision Digital Terrain Model (DTM) at 24m resolution in GeoTIFF format.


This block provides access to a digital terrain model (DTM) derived from the WorldDEM product.

WorldDEM DTMlite
WorldDEM DTMlite

Technical information

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Dataset description

WorldDEM DTMlite is a DTM that represents the surface of Earth after removing buildings, infrastructure and vegetation. For more information, please refer to the WorldDEM DTMlite Technical Product Specification.

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Dataset information

Data providerAirbus
Spatial resolution24 m
Image typeRadar
Acquisition modeBi-static InSAR StripMap mode
Geometric processing levelCorrection of terrain artefacts, such as layover and shadow.
Hydrological correction (editing of water bodies).
Removal of surface features (vegetation, infrastructure, buildings).
Absolute vertical accuracy2.5 m (90% linear error)
Absolute horizontal accuracy< 6 m (90% circular error)
Relative vertical accuracy< 4 m (90% linear point-to-point error within an area of 1° x 1°)
Data acquisition period2011-2015
Spectral bandX
File formatGeoTIFF
Bit depth32 bits per pixel
NoData value-32767
Vertical unitmeters
Coordinate systemHorizontal: WGS84/EPSG 4326
Vertical: EGM2008/EPSG 3855
Can be reused in an UP42 workflowNo


  1. The AOI size must be larger than 0.1 km2.
  2. Users who want to get access should register and go through a KYC compliance process.
  3. The access to this data block is currently not possible for users with UP42 individual accounts.

How it works

Supported JSON parametersDefault valueMinMaxExamples
bbox/intersectsnull0.1 km2n.a.Please check the examples from the JSON parameters.


Example based on a workflow created with the data block WorldDEM DTMlite:


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