Block template and examples

Use blocks examples as a reference when developing custom blocks.

Use a processing block template or one of the blocks below.

K-means ClusteringCreates a given number of clusters in an image and assigns each pixel to a cluster. Learn more about this processing block.
Sharpening FilterEnhances the sharpness of a satellite image by applying an Unsharp Masking Algorithm (UMA). Learn more about this processing block.
SNAP Polarimetric Processing Sentinel-1Provides a SNAP polarimetric processing workflow that is applied to SAR scenes in the SAFE format.
Super-resolution Sentinel-2Creates a 10 m resolution for all the existing spectral bands within 20 m and 60 m resolutions by using a trained Convolutional Neural Network. Learn more about this processing block.
Vegetation indexesComputes various vegetation indexes for Pléiades, SPOT, and Sentinel-2. Learn more about spectral indexes.