Publishing blocks

Publishing data and processing blocks on the UP42 marketplace.

Why should I become a UP42 partner — joining the marketplace?

There many reasons for that. A few of them are listed here.

How can I get my block on the UP42 marketplace?

  1. Sign up for an account.

  2. Try out your private block.

  3. Contact support for the next steps.

What options are there to monetize my block?

There are many possibilities for that. For more information, contact support.

Is the Intellectual Property (IP) embedded in my marketplace blocks safe?

The long and short answer is yes. Why? Because:

  1. Users cannot download your block or get access to any of the internals. Once your block is published in our private Docker registry you and only you have access to it.

  2. We treat your block as a black box it gets inputs and sets outputs. That’s all.

  3. Users can only add/remove your block to/from their workflow. They cannot do anything else with it.

  4. Please note that it is up to you to define the logging in your block in a way that doesn’t reveal any inside details about it. If you are curious about how a block might look like check the land cover demo block to have an idea on how to build your own block.

How and when does UP42 pay me?

To find out more, contact support.