InSAR with Catalyst

Apply Interferometric SAR using the Catalyst Ground Displacement Block.


This video tutorial explains how to apply InSAR for mapping ground displacement using Sentinel-1 radar images. InSAR is an effective method to measure changes in land surface altitude and detect phenomena such as landslides, floods or volcanic eruptions.

How to Use the Ground Displacement Block


In order to apply inteferometric SAR and properly interpret the results, you need to be familiar with InSAR and you need to create a workflow with the blocks from the table below.

BlocksPriceRequest Access Needed
Sentinel-1 L1 SLC (SAFE)0 credits per sq. km.no
Ground Displacement5 credits per sq. km.yes

In order to get access to the processing block Ground Displacement, please refer to Restricted Blocks.

Apply InSAR