Cloud-native asset model

Learn about CNAM principles and how it is used for data management in storage.


The cloud-native asset model (CNAM) format transforms an UP42 asset from a tasking or a catalog order into individual geospatial features available for immediate download. Regardless of provider or delivery format, UP42 transforms assets into a standard model. CNAM also standardizes the following types of files to enable easier integrations:

Access to specific files

  1. Open the console and go to Data management inline-icon Data management.
  2. To find assets ordered by other account users, click My account. Otherwise, stay in My workspace.
  3. Select an asset.
  4. Go to STAC item list and select a STAC item.
  5. Click Download inline-icon in the line of a chosen file.

An image showing how CNAM files look in storage

Types of files

The files are tagged to make them easier to distinguish. To learn more about available roles, see STAC assets.


CNAM is only applied to assets added to storage starting in 2023.

Not all geospatial collections are supported. To get a list of supported collections, see Introduction to STAC.

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