Blocks Catalogue

Browse and search the catalogue for data and processing blocks.

What is the blocks catalogue?

The blocks catalogue is a complete collection of data and processing blocks that you can browse when building a workflow. To view the blocks catalogue, you can do one of the following:

  1. Browse the UP42 marketplace.

  2. Create a workflow by following the steps from this article, then click on the button Add data or Add processing in the workflow editor.

You can only create a workflow using compatible blocks.

The blocks catalogue
The blocks catalogue


A block is defined as a unit that builds up a workflow. There are two types of blocks: data blocks and processing blocks. The data and processing blocks connect with each other if the block capabilities match. For more information, please refer to Block capabilities.

Data Blocks

Data blocks deliver geospatial data (satellite or aerial images, vector data etc.) that can be directly downloaded, streamed or further analyzed with processing blocks. A data block can be followed by one or more processing blocks. For the full list of data blocks, please refer to the section Data Blocks.

Processing Blocks

Processing blocks apply algorithms that process data and deliver the corresponding outputs. A processing block can follow a data block or a processing block. For the full list of processing blocks, please refer to the section Processing Blocks.

Custom Blocks

The blocks catalogue also provides the option to create and push your own custom block to the UP42 platform. This option can be found in the tab Custom blocks as shown below. To learn more, please refer to the article Developing blocks.

Add a custom block
Add a custom block

Block Details

Each block provides the user with a generalized overview of the dataset or processing algorithm. This information can be found by selecting any block in the blocks catalogue. The table below summarizes the block details.

Block informationDescription
DescriptionThe content of each block description.
Example: resolution, data provider, use case examples,
license restrictions,streaming vs. download, revisit
frequencies, volume discount, minimum order sizes
CapabilitiesThe capabilities of the data or processing block
and the output they generate. Processing blocks
may contain a supported input format and the
generated output format. Examples: resolution, bands,
format (file extension) for the input and/or output,
processing level, data type, geometry type, sensor.
For more detailed information, please refer to Block capabilities.
PricingUP42 credit pricing per unit (square kilometer, MB, tile, data point, scene,
pixel). For more information on pricing, please contact our sales team.
Sample DataSample images are shown for each data and processing block. Please note
that these sample images are only image previews, not downloadable data.
ProviderThe upstream data provider. For example, Pléiades images are provided by OneAtlas.
VersionThe block version. Users need to ensure that they are using the latest version
of a block, in order to avoid potential job failures. To do this, remove the block
from the workflow and re-add it.
Restricted AccessSome blocks require an added step of filling in an access request form.
Blocks with restricted access can be easily identified by looking out for
the red tag Restricted Block. To request access, please refer to Restricted Blocks.

Block details on the UP42 marketplace
Block details on the UP42 marketplace

Block details in the workflow editor
Block details in the workflow editor

Inspect image previews of a dataset or results of a processing block through sample data
Inspect image previews of a dataset or results of a processing block through sample data


Block version number
Block version number

Restricted block
Restricted block