View the status of jobs and download results.

When running a job, a job dashboard appears, which contains information about the job progress (see table below).

Steps set the order in which the job generates the results from each block. Features:
  • Each step is a task.
  • A job consists of one or more tasks.
  • Clicking on each task allows the users to view the log messages.
NameData and processing blocks. Each name corresponds to a step or task.
The progress of the job/task run:
  • Not started: job/task did not start
  • Pending: job/task is about to start
  • Running: job/task is running
  • Cancelling: job/task is getting cancelled by the user
  • Failed: job/task failed to run successfully
  • Cancelled: job/task was cancelled by the user
  • Successful: job/task finished successfully
Processing TimeThe duration for each block and the overall duration.
The credits consumed for each block and the total consumption. Credit consumption includes:
  • data costs
  • processing costs
  • infrastructure costs
Download result
The outputs can be downloaded in two ways:
  1. To download the output from the last block, click on Download.
  2. To download each individual output from each block, click on Results.

This is how the job dashboard is shown after running a job in the UP42 Console: