Satellite tasking

Task a satellite to capture the image according to your needs.


Satellite tasking allows users to obtain new images captured over an area of interest, at a given time and with pre-defined specifications. This is particularly useful if the archive image collection has acquisition gaps or if users want to perform near real-time monitoring studies.

This article shows the main steps to browse data products, place a tasking order, monitor the status of the tasking operation and download the images captured during the tasking operation.

Browse data products

Currently, only commercial images can be captured by satellites through tasking operations. The data products provided by UP42 are part of the following collections: Pléiades Neo, Pléiades and SPOT 6/7. A data product is an image with a certain geometric and radiometric processing level. The table below shows the available data products and their associated collections provided by UP42.

CollectionsData productsArchiveTaskingSpatial resolutionTypeRestricted access
Pléiades NeoClick herexx0.3 mopticalyes*
PléiadesClick herexx0.5 mopticalonly tasking
SPOT 6/7Click herex1.5 mopticalonly tasking

*Customers need to go through an initial screening process by filling in a request access form.

For more information about processing levels, please refer to the tables below.

Geometric processing levelDefinition
Monoscopic (Mono)Orthorectified image
Stereoscopic (Stereo)This product is closest to the natural image acquired by the sensor and it contains the RPCs and the sensor model for users who want to apply their own orthorectification or 3D modelling.
Tri-stereoscopic (Tri-stereo)Near-simultaneous images from three different views for the same area (forward-looking, backward-looking, nadir-looking). This configuration allows a better extraction of heights over terrains, compared to stereo image pairs.
Radiometric processing levelDefinition
ReflectanceCorrected from sensor calibration and systematic atmospheric effects.
DisplayA true colour curve has been applied on the reflectance product to optimize the visual quality of the image.

Select data product

In the table above, click the link to select the data product of the collection (e.g. Pléiades Neo) and copy the ID. This ID will be further used to place a tasking order.

Placing a tasking order

Method 1: Manual ordering via console

You can place a tasking order yourself through the console. To proceed, please refer to Satellite Tasking Ordering.

Method 2: Automatic ordering via API

You can place a tasking order yourself through the API. SDK support for placing tasking orders will be available soon. To proceed, please refer to API Satellite Tasking Ordering.

Method 3: Manual ordering via email

To place a tasking order, please contact the UP42 operations team via email at [email protected].