Explore the Demo Workflow

Guiding you through the results generated by a job run.


This section will guide you through viewing the results generated by a job run on the UP42 console. The job run is based on a demo workflow and computes a super-resolution algorithm for a Sentinel-2 satellite image. This algorithm upscales the lower-resolution bands (20 m and 60 m) to a 10 m pixel size.

Open the console

To sign up to the UP42 console, please follow the steps from the article Create an UP42 account.

After signing up and logging in the UP42 console, the dashboard displays the Demo Project. This project has been created in order for you to explore our platform and understand the concepts that UP42 is based on: workflows, data and processing blocks, jobs and tasks. For more information, please visit the article Core concepts.

step00 demoProject

Explore the Demo Workflow

Click on the Demo Project and you will be redirected to the Demo Workflow. This workflow consists of the following blocks:

step01 demo workflow

step02 workflow structure

For the demo workflow, the following job parameters were used:

View the outputs of the job run

In order to generate the results of this workflow, a job needs to be run. In this example, the job has been run and the results are already generated. In UP42, the geospatial results are defined as outputs. Explore the outputs by going to the UP42 menu bar and click on Jobs.

step03 jobs section

The Jobs section displays the status of the job run as Successful, which indicates that the outputs are correctly generated. Click on Successful and you will be redirected to the page where the outputs can be downloaded.

step04 job successful

You can download the outputs in more ways:

1. Final Output. If you want to access the output from the last block, click on Download.

2. Intermediate Outputs. If you want to access each individual output from each block, click on Results.

step05 downloadOutputs

In this example, the final output is downloaded. This output can be displayed in the free GIS software QGIS. In QGIS, a Sentinel-2 image with an upscaled spatial resolution (10 m) over New York is displayed.

step06 S2 overview

Please be aware that the Demo Project and Demo Workflow (or any new workflows created in the Demo Project) have an AOI limit of 10 km ². For larger AOI sizes of up to 100 km ², you need to create a new project. If you add your credit card details in the UP42 account profile, these limitations are waived and you will be able to set the AOI size to maximum 1000 km ².

Next steps

Congratulations! Your are ready to learn more about UP42 in the article Build the first UP42 workflow.